Once a man in past tenses drove his car as he drove his mind, as he badly used his arms as he drove to drive. It was in Evanston, IL he did his driving and thought I am driving into the mouth of the modern moment Again and again, passing places to eat, to wash clothes, to see films.

Then something started un-existing in this strange way, and he was in the past tense, just as well as what you’re looking at Exists in the past tense. It is hard living in the present or with it or what you were looking at, he thought, looking.

It is hard living in America and the rage we are given on down from a brother beating his brother’s head in on the beach in Cheever and Lord of the Flies which is essentially American even the black and white version and the child of those people in every orchard picking green apples who went insane and started dragging his dad around by the dick Get off me you faggot, that dragged Dad cried



but To no avail,

Oh to no avail



how he dragged him by their dicks.